CFDA Awards Limited Edition Book showcases Temptu Body Art

June 18, 2008  |  Press  |  No Comments

The Council of Fashion Designer of America (CFDA) Awards is one of the biggest fashion events of the season.  This year, the CFDA sent attendees home with a book shot my Mikael Jansson featuring supermodel Raquel Zimmerman in the twenty-five nominees’ designs.  Celebrity Makeup Artist Mark Carrasquillo enlisted Temptu Lead…

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Susan Cianciolo fashion show 2008

February 8, 2008  |  Backstage with TEMPTU  |  No Comments

Highly acclaimed Fashion Designer, Illustrator, and creator of the Run collection; Susan Cianciolo continues to wow audiences with her earthy neo-gypsy designs. This year Temptu collaborated with Cianciolo and makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo to paint Man Ray styled gloves on the models hands, and ballet lace that entangled their legs….

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