Blushing Beauty: Re-creating the 3-D Blushing Effect with TEMPTU

October 21, 2010  |  Inspiration, Tips & Technique  |  No Comments

This time of year the changing weather can have a tendency to put you in a down-in-the-dumps kind of mood. It’s growing colder, and the leaves are beginning to fall, leaving the trees looking a bit bare. Winter is swiftly approaching, and the thought of snow on the ground can make you feel a little, well…flat. What better way to brighten up and combat your weather blues than with a new 3-D cheek look that is reminiscent of the glory days of summer?

Yearning for those vibrant, juicy colors of summer, we decided to mix things up in the TEMPTU studio the other day by playing with a blush/highlighter combination, which really kept us reminiscing about our favorite hot looks of summer. The effect? A three dimensional blush and highlighter look that had us reconsidering our simplistic fall makeup! Take a look at this eye-catching 3-D look, especially these gorgeous cheeks!

What do you think? Isn’t this blush and highlighter combo a great way to chase your fall/winter blues away? If you are as much of a fan of this look as we are, you can create this 3-D luminosity by following these four easy steps:

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TEMPTU @ New York Fashion Week – Wayne S/S 2011

September 16, 2010  |  Press  |  No Comments

“The Wayne Spring Summer 2011 girl is like Pris, the Replicant, in Bladerunner; she’s smart, strong and dangerous, yet also a delicate and vulnerable flower” explains Wayne Lee. Just as the character Pris airbrushed herself in the film, the TEMPTU team along with Key makeup artist Danielle Fonseca, airbrushed the models to create a “fresh natural look with presence.” Wayne also chooses to incorporate TEMPTU’s custom temporary tattoos as body art for some of the pieces of the collection. The tattoos added edge and at the same time a delicate floral essence to each piece, another reference to Bladerunner.

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TEMPTU for Caroline Seikaly Fall 2010 Fashion Show

February 20, 2010  |  Backstage with TEMPTU  |  No Comments

TEMPTU was backstage for Caroline Seikaly’s Fall 2010 Presentation at New York Fashion Week, her second since her debut in September. A gown designer who earned her stripes assisting Lagerfeld in Paris is now notorious for couture lace dresses that are coveted by the fashion tribes, including Madonna, most recently having been seen in one on a NYC outing, and Hayden Penettierre. The collection included the familiar lace dresses; this time with leather insets that added an edge to what otherwise would be feminine and slinky. Key makeup artist Talia Shobrooke created a look of a “girl gone into the woods in a gorgeous dress” in the midst of winter – coming out with dewy skin, rosy cheeks and her lips flushed. It was a natural, casual, romantic look that prevailed to compliment the ease of elegant dress and masterful craftsmanship.

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