#3 of TEMPTU PRO’s Top 10 of 2010 Countdown!

January 3, 2011  |  NEW AT TEMPTU  |  No Comments

Not wanting to forget 2010 just yet, we thought that we would wait just a little bit longer to post our top three moments of 2010. Without further adieu here is #3: TEMPTU PRO’s S/B formula used on set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in their…

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TEMPTU PRO on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

November 16, 2010  |  Press  |  No Comments

Let’s face it: vampires are hot right now.  There’s Twilight, Vampire Dairies, True Blood, and now Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s Suckers.  In Fallon’s new spoof, a new writer joins the Late Night staff and learns Jimmy Fallon and some of the others are hiding a very dark secret: they’re vampires.  To create the cast’s subtle undead look for the spoof, makeup artist Cyndie Boehm turned to TEMPTU PRO.

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