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Get the most natural looking sunless tan all year round with AIRpod Face Tan!



Step 1: PREP

Cleanse and exfoliate the skin
and allow skin to fully dry.

Step 2: Apply

Apply TEMPTU AIRpod Face Tan all over the face,
neck and décolletage in a consistent, circular motion
for even coverage.  When applied, the formula will
appear clear and the color will gradually build over a
few hours. Once the color has set, re-apply until
desired color is achieved.  Avoid contact with clothing
for half an hour apply applying.

Voila, enjoy your sun-kissed glow!

Pro Tip:

Use the air flow from the AIRbrush to speed up the
drying process.


To maintain your sunless tan, moisturize daily and
avoid exfoliating as this can rub off the tan or create
uneven patches. With proper care, your tan will last up
to 4 days, but can be maintained by reapplying.

Pro Tip:

Once TEMPTU AIRpod Face Tan has set, apply
TEMPTU AIRpod Bronzer to the apples of the
checks for a radiant glow

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