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How To Cover Up Leg Veins, Scars and Other Body Imperfections

The Best Scar Coverage (Makeup) Does Not Involve Pants Covering up veins on legs, scars on arms or other body imperfections, can be as easy as putting on pants, wearing a maxi dress or sporting […]

Problematic Skin Solutions

Face Your Face: How To Conceal & Conquer with Color Beyond everyday life stresses (like that alarm blaring at 6 a.m. to get to the gym and make it to work on time), sometimes our […]

How To Make Your Skin Glow For Summer

Hint: Getting the Perfect Glow Doesn’t Require Sitting in the Sun Goodbye pale complexion, hello healthy glow! Achieving a tan during the summer season doesn’t necessarily mean sitting hours upon hours in the sun baking […]

The Best Sweat-Resistant Makeup for the Hottest Climates

Summer is sexy. Sweating through makeup? Not so much. When the sun is strong, your sweat glands are working hard to keep you cool. While helpful, unfortunately, our body’s natural response doesn’t usually bode well […]

Summer Wedding Makeup

Say ‘I Do’ To These Wedding-Worthy Cosmetics During wedding season, whether you’re the bride, a member of the bridal party, or a guest, there are a few things to ensure the big day goes off […]

Why You Should Wear Makeup Primer

To prime or not to prime that is the question…that I get asked all the time. And for a lot of different reasons, I always recommend to prime. Not all of us need it as […]