Angelic Faces: Heavenly Looks For The Holidays [Infographic]

Like us, you might already be planning what you’re going to wear to your office holiday party. To be honest, you’ve been thinking about it ever since that cute new guy in accounting started, haven’t you?

But your make up? That usually takes a back seat to the urgent project you have to finish before joining the last minute scramble in the office bathroom, alongside a whole host of other ladies jostling for mirror space. The key is to plan ahead and have a clear idea of the holiday look you want to achieve before venturing into that hairspray-filled commotion.

With that in mind, TEMPTU is here to help plan out your holiday makeup essentials, from the office party, to a family gathering, all the way through to New Year’s Eve! We have suggested looks for each event that are easy to recreate, plus some creative touches for your eyes, lips and hair for you to choose from.

Don’t forget to pack the essentials in a chic clutch to top up your look as the night progresses, particularly for New Year’s Eve. A great option for long lasting coverage, and to free up that all-important purse-space, is to start the evening with a base of long-lasting airbrush makeup and go for waterproof mascara that stays put. Using a primer on your eyelids is also a great method for avoiding eye shadow fade or slippage as the evening evolves. With your flawless complexion sorted, that just leaves a lipstick or lip-gloss in your purse!

Most importantly, it means you can dance the night away knowing you still look utterly stunning. Fingers crossed that cute guy from accounting notices!

TEMPTU Holiday Looks Infographic
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