Beauty Innovation: LashDip

March 16, 2011  |  Inspiration

What woman doesn’t want long full lashes? The demand for ultra glam lashes has become so strong that the cosmetic world has given birth to numerous lash lengthening products, the most popular of which is Latisse.

But who wants to wait 16 weeks for your lashes to look fuller and darker?  We are a “I want it now” generation.

Introducing a new, and very instant, beauty innovation LashDip.

What it is: LashDip is basically a semi-permanent mascara.  It’s a water and sweat resistant formula that adds curl, volume, and length to either natural lashes or extensions, while also separating and sculpting the lashes for a thick, beautiful look without any mascara up to six weeks.

Who it’s for: LashDip is ideal for any woman who wears mascara but is tired of the high maintenance of daily application.  Think busy moms, executives who travel frequently, flight attendants, athletes, or any woman who wants to look and feel her best 24/7.

Why it’s different: Mascara is a temporary application.  Lash extensions are an appliance.  LashDip adds volume, increases length, provides lift, curve & separation – similar to that of traditional mascara – but it won’t smudge or wash off for up to six weeks!  Lash growth enhancers will give you growth and strength, but will not provide the lush cosmetic finish that LashDip offers.

How it works: The LashDip application is a three-step process.  First, the lashes are cleaned.   Then a LashDip trained cosmetologist applies the LashDip formula to darken and shape the lashes.  Finally, it is dried and sealed with a finishing solution.  There is no lash damage after the removal of LashDip and most detailed lashes are in even better condition after six weeks due to the fact that mascara is not frequently being applied and removed.

Price: Typically you can expect your LashDip service to cost between $200-$300 per initial treatment, depending on the number of desired coats and your location.  The cost for a follow up LashRefresh visit will be dependent upon the maintenance required.

LashDip definitely sounds live a viable option for ladies dying to be lash-tastic 24/7.  We want to know what you think!  Do you think LashDip is a trend that will catch on?  What would you be willing to do for killer lashes?

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