Beauty Innovation: Snakeskin Nails

July 7, 2011  |  Inspiration

There’s nothing more classic than a snakeskin bag or a pair of python pumps. Thanks to manicurist Terri Silacci this timeless serpentine pattern is now slithering its way onto your nails. That’s right folks, a genuine snakeskin manicure & pedicure is the latest summer nail trend!

“One snake’s trash is a toenail’s treasure,” says creator Terri Silacci. “I find that the initial reaction from people is, that’s weird, that’s disgusting. And then they say, ‘I want it. And I want it right away.”

What it is:  A genuine snakeskin mani/pedi. Nail artist, Terri Silacci uses discarded skins, which are naturally shed by snakes to create a custom fit gel manicure treatment.  That means it’s not only great looking, but it’s also completely pain free for our slithering friends.

Who it’s for: Nail and manicure addicts that want a long lasting, trendy new nail look!

Why it’s different:  Once this reptilian nail art is applied it can last up to 8 weeks for pedicure and 4 weeks for manicure. There are also over 170 color combinations and textures to choose from. You can keep the authentic scaly ridges or smooth the snakeskin out with a topcoat.

How it works: Thin layers of sterilized and ethically sourced snakeskin scales are cut and fitted to individual nail beds on the hands and feet. The snakeskin molten is then coated with flexible no-chip gel varnish and sealed with a UV light. .

How to get it: This snakeskin nail trend is available at high end nail salons and can cost a whopping $300 for the full treatment. Want a more cost effective alternative? Use nail decals like this snakeskin design for only $3 at www.nailsuppliesdirect.com, or any drug store nail decal brand to get this wild look.

From the TODAY show to fashionistas nationwide, this look has been getting a lot of attention! Do you think the snakeskin nail trend is sssstylish or venomous?  We want to hear YOUR thoughts!

[images from Christine Holding Photography & Vogue.com]

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  1. Great article! Keep them coming Temptu!

  2. It’s so interesting how today’s polish has evolved from simple colors to unusual designs, (like OPI’s Shattered) and now snake skin! Loved reading about this new trend


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