Could this iPhone App change the way we shop?

February 3, 2011  |  Inspiration

Have you ever been out on a lone shopping trip, and realize you need a second opinion on the dress/top/etc you are trying on?  With the new Pose app for iPhone (Android coming soon) you can get your friend’s fashionable feedback any time anywhere!

For those of us who tend to shop alone, this little app may just be a fashion lifesaver.  With the Pose app you can take pictures of products you are drooling over (or on the fence about) at any store, tag their store location, price, and then share it via Facebook and Twitter.  That means with the Prose app you have the ability to virtually shop with friends around the world!

Another key feature of the Pose service is their Posers shopping feed.  These “Posers” consist of fashion experts, who are tech savvy and love to start conversations about trending products with their followers.  By following a “Poser” you can get their opinions on certain fashion trends, and view their personal wardrobe picks.   Plus thanks to the product price and store tagging feature, you get the chance to snag your favorite Poser’s style!

We certainly think that the Prose app could change the way we all shop, but what do you think?  Is Prose shopping the way of the future?

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