Four Ways To Apply Foundation

Four Ways To Apply Foundation

How to apply foundation with a brush, fingers, beauty blender and by airbrush

Figuring out how to apply foundation with a brush or our airpods might involve more tools, than say, learning how to apply foundation with fingers — but that doesn’t mean it takes any less skill! Getting an ample amount of coverage, the most suitable shade and the perfect touch (pun intended) isn’t always a breeze.

Putting on a full face of makeup can be intimidating for some, a time commitment for others and a change of routine for a few, too. But don’t stress! There are easy solutions to combat these worries.

To avoid feeling cakey, or appearing streaky, we’ve broken down four ways to apply foundation. Because, just like most beauty products — one style certainly does not fit all.

Check out our favorite routines that ultimately help you put your best face forward.



Applying Foundation With Your Fingers

Before you do anything — and we mean, anything — wash your hands! You don’t want any extra dirt and oil clogging your pores! Next, on the back of your hand, squirt a drop of our Perfect Canvas Hydra Lock Airbrush foundation. Dot this dab of product on your forehead, nose and cheeks. Next, rub your hands together and apply fingers to your face, moving outward from the center of your face. Repeat until the foundation can’t be seen — but feel free to add on some more foundation  if the coverage isn’t enough. Lastly, finish how you started: wash those hands. Afterall, you don’t want makeup all over your clothes!

Applying Foundation With A Brush

Brushes aren’t just for painting art. Using our Round Blending Brush, distribute a dime-sized amount of foundation, with your fingers, in the form of small dots all over the face. Brush these blips of product in circular motions until there are no lines, and they’re completely blended. Apply more dots and keep brushing, as desired.


TEMPTU Perfect Canvas Airbrush Foundation delivers real airbrush makeup results no matter the application method – be it fingers, brush, sponge, or via the TEMPTU Air and Airpod Pro.

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Applying Foundation With A Beauty Blender Or Sponge

To get the most out of your sponge or blender, wet it with water, until it’s entirely soaked, and then rinse out the extra H2O. Next, dip that beauty tool into foundation. Then, roll the makeup onto your skin gently. The pointy sides of blenders can reach difficult places like the space around the nose. Be sure to give this baby a rinse with a facial cleanser after each use. There’s no reason for your skin — or beauty applicators — to be cakey!

Applying Foundation By Airbrush

After prepping skin with our Base Smooth and Matte Primer, attach our Airbrush Foundation to the Air device. Power on to speed setting No. 2 before holding it 4-6 inches from the face. There, move the Air in circular motions while gently pulling down the SoftTouch Control to release product. Pause for 10-15 seconds (or however long you need) between applications to determine if you prefer additional coverage. Note: a little goes a long way!

Try out a completely different way of applying foundation. You may find a new method to putting on your favorite makeup!

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