How to Travel With Makeup

How to Travel With Makeup

How to pack, what to pack and how to organize makeup for travel.

With new places, foods, friends and adventures to experience, traveling can be exciting, eye opening and life changing. Packing makeup for the voyage? Not as exhilarating. But, traveling with makeup doesn’t have to be difficult.

After all, while seeing the sights and experiencing what your destination has to offer, you’ll want to put your best face forward in photos (and other content you’re uploading to Instagram, to be fair).

In order to carry along products in your carry on (or checked baggage), we’ve compiled some things to think about before embarking on a journey – whether you’re venturing to a different city, state or country.

Buy a Bag

Having makeup and toiletries free-float around your suitcase is a sure-fire way to end up with clothes covered in an array of different cosmetics. Instead of risking having your brand new shirt absorb an unnatural color (or four), investing in a makeup bag is your best bet. Our Double Zip Makeup Bag is water-resistant with multiple interior pockets for beauty essentials.


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List it out

Rather than haphazardly stuffing products into a bag, it’s best to plan in advance. Take note of the items you use (or plan to use on your trip) every day. This will likely include face cleanser, makeup remover and all items for your face, cheeks, lips and hair. Part of deciding what comes with you, and also what stays at home, can be determined by your outfits. Just like your attire, planning your beauty looks is an easy way to edit your makeup list.

Pack fewer products

Your list will likely help you narrow down the amount of things you need bring with you, but products that do double duty are also great for saving space. Our AirBrow Dual Ended Brush, for example, uses an angled brush and spoolie comb in one. Some lip balms and blushes can serve for both uses. The possibilities are endless!

Instead of stressing over storing lipstick and eyeliner, use these helpful tips to make traveling with makeup an easy endeavor!

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