Must-Have Holiday Party Makeup Looks

Must-Have Holiday Party Makeup Looks

Photo credit: Whitney Fransway

How to get made up for the most spirited season of the year

Holiday parties are almost here — which means holiday party makeup is a must. With so many gatherings scheduled between family, friends and coworkers this season, the are multiple opportunities to execute different holiday party makeup looks (read: to each and every one of these social affairs).

Whether your style is minimalist or ultra glam, there are tons of holiday party makeup looks to choose from. And, with an abundance of parties, festivities and get togethers during the winter months, it’s fun to switch them up and try something new, too.

In fact, it can be exciting to theme your makeup looks after different topics or make believe characters. No need to wait for Halloween once a year to dress up in character!

Transition your fall to winter look with these holiday makeup ideas. You don’t have to be Ms. Claus to get into the holiday spirit.

Photo credit: Jenna Morton Prada and Pearls

Snow Queen

With light features, this icy and cool look can be accomplished with our Perfect Canvas Airpod Airshadow on the eyelids. Our Perfect Canvas Hydra Lock Airpod Foundation in Alabaster is likely the color closest to the element this look is named after. But, careful. We recommend this look for the fairest skin tones. It’s not a shade for most.

Sugar Plum

While incorporating pink and purples into one’s wardrobe, the perfect makeup match involves rosy cheeks for a sweet look. Our SilkSphere Airpod Blush in Hot Pink delivers long-lasting makeup without lines or streaks. It adds a touch of levity to any dark, cold winter night.

Photo credit: Jen Saviano

Peppermint Princess

Peppermint is all about that minty, freshness. And keeping a fresh look doesn’t mean chomping gum or eating candy canes all night long. Instead, opt for a fresh look maintained by makeup that doesn’t melt off your face or smudge, or looked caked on. Our Brilliant Glow: Illuminating Primer & Skin Perfector revitalizes dull, tired, lackluster skin and restore the look of a brighter, healthier and more luminous glow. No faded faces here!

Photo credit: Denice Case of the Fridays

Winter Wonder Woman

While wonder woman has no set season or weather (read: she’s amazing all year long), adding a red lip with our Color True Lipstick in Coral Blaze will add a dramatic and powerful pop to any party look. With this classic lip shade, there’s nothing you can’t take on this December — just like the phenomenal woman herself.

Santa’s Little Helper

With a touch of green and red clothing or accessories, these color options make a classic Christmas look. But, before Santa’s assistants can take vacation (maybe a beach getaway to Florida), they’re working hard to get presents delivered on time. To combat a potentially pale look, our Perfect Canvas Airpod Bronzer & Contour keeps them glowing throughout the month.

There are more than a few ways to celebrate the season, starting with taking these holiday party looks and making them your own!

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