New iPhone App Determines Your Level of Attractiveness

November 10, 2010  |  Inspiration

YES, it’s true—a new iPhone app can determine if you’re hot or not, but how accurate is it?  The app, called “Ugly Meter” (sounds demoralizing already, huh?!), asks you to “scan” your face with the help of your iPhone’s built-in camera.  Once scanned, the app figures your score on The Ugly Meter.  Your score is then linked to a meter reading, with one being most attractive and ten being least attractive.

Curious about the supposed accuracy of this app, we tested pictures of models and actresses to see what The Ugly Meter had to say.  Here are two photos that we reviewed:

Now, the scores…(drum roll, please)

The model on the left was rated a 9.0/10 on The Ugly Meter, and was considered, “…so ugly, you could model for death threats.” (WOW!)  The actress on the right, Jessica Szohr, however, was rated a 7.4/10 on the meter, with the accompanied comment, “You’re so ugly, a hotel manager could use your picture to scare away the rats.”

Controversial?!  Yes, indeed!  But the question is this: Who can really be the judge of beauty?

To many people, an app like this is pretty controversial. Who do you think can/should be the judge of beauty?

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