Reviewing 2010: A Look at the Old, the New, and the Monumental

January 7, 2011  |  Inspiration

This year has been full of highs and lows.  New beauty inspirations have appeared, young actors and actresses are gaining Oscar nods, and we have lost some of the most beloved celebrities of all time, including: Dennis Hopper, Rue McClanahan, Tom Bosley, Alexander McQueen, and Leslie Nielsen.  Charles Dickens once stated, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” and this old adage seems to capture the year of 2010.

To bring a close to 2010, and to welcome 365 days of hope, wonderment, and new beauty and fashion trends, we wanted to allow you, our fans, an opportunity to vote for the best of 2010 via our Facebook page.  So, happy New Year from all of us at TEMPTU; we hope that you have a blessed, prosperous 2011.  Here’s to a new year!

Best Role Model for Younger Women

These young women all exhibit signs of knowing exactly who they are.  Christina Hendricks is the definition of true beauty, embracing her curves proudly on Mad Men, while Emily Blunt takes on the vision of elegance.   And finally, there’s Taylor Swift, the songstress who writes ballads about finding love, experiencing heartbreak, and blossoming into self-awareness.  These women are all deserving of the best role models vote, but who do you feel is the most deserving?

Best Role Model for Older Women

These older women continue to raise our eyebrows after years spent in the television and film industries.  Helen Mirren keeps us on our feet with her quick English wit, and has us drooling over her amazing bikini body.  Meryl Streep, always beloved for her enormous talent,  has a special place in our hearts because of movies like Sophie’s Choice, Bridges of Madison County, The Devil Wears Prada, and Julie and Juila; this woman is a firecracker who continues to impress.  And last but not least, there is Betty White, our favorite Golden Girl with class, a heart for animals, and that beautiful, timeless grin.  We adore all of these beauties, but who do you most adore?

Best No Makeup Look

Celebrities without makeup can be a scary sight, and it takes natural beauty to impress us in the Stars Without Makeup gossip magazine issues.  Kim Kardashian, with her Armenian beauty is eye-catching, Jessica Simpson, a wind tussled beauty, Heidi Klum, au naturel in People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People of 2010″.  All of these women look stunning, but who is your celebrity pick for star without makeup?

Best Makeup (Always)

Some stars always get their makeup right.  Always on the cutting-edge, Vanessa Hudgens keeps us in check with her girl-next-door eyes, Marion Cotillard knows how to look classically chic with taupe or smoky eyes in films like Inception and Public Enemies, and Penelope Cruz, always the Spanish goddess, knows how to wear the right tint of gold eyeshadow.  These women are all beautiful with their minimal makeup looks, but which pretty lady catches your eye?

Best Make Under

Some beauties opted for make unders this year.  Jwoww decided to tone down her loud makeup and questionable fashion choices for more glam looks, while Snooki embraced sleek locks sans the infamous poof.  And since her early days on E.T., Drew Barrymore has flaunted a wide-range of looks—some bad, some questionable, and more recently, some gorgeous.  For any fan of beauty and fashion and well, Drew Barrymore, we’ve been waiting for the star to discover her best look, and thanks to a little HBO film titled, Grey Gardens, we believe that Drew has finally  found her inner and outer beauty.  Which star has impressed you the most this year?

Best Make Over

Stars have really impressed us this year by either changing their hair to a new, shocking color, or by losing some extra pounds.  The lovely actress, Emma Stone, tossed her red hair dye for a bold blonde color, which has apparently all been for the new Spiderman movie.  While Emma switched up her hair color, other stars like Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Osborne have dedicated their time and energy to giving their bodies some extra TLC.  Both stars have dropped an impressive amount of weight, and in doing so, have discovered teeny, tiny waists and a love for fashion.  These women all deserve a vote for best make over, but who should be crowned 2010’s Best Make Over?

Best Hair Makeover

Perfectly-coiffed hair was taken very seriously this year…or so it seems.  Emma Watson and Ashlee Simpson both took major hair strides as they traded in their long locks for short pixie cuts, while Kate Gosselin added a few extra lengths to her formally choppy hair.  All of these new looks were major ‘hair setters,’ but who should be the most deserving of the best hair makeover title for females?

Best Nail Looks of 2010

What is beauty and fashion without eye-catching nails?  Katy Perry continued to wow us with her rainbow-laden nails, Beyoncé went to great lengths with stiletto nails, and Lady Gaga opted for a few unique accessories on her fingertips.  All are unique in their own right, but whose nails were the best of 2010?

Best Beauty Transformation

We love when stars go from girly to stunning, and this is just what happened in 2010.  Ashley Greene went from plain Jane to sultry, Lea Michele dropped her demure look for daring and eye-catching, and Carey Mulligan made us blush when she transformed her baby face into glowing sophistication.  All of these leading ladies struck our senses, but which beauty shifted into elegance this year?

Best Beauty Trend of 2010

Several beauty and fashion enthusiasts mark their calendars for spring and fall fashion week.  During these weeks, fashion moguls and prestigious makeup artists work their fingers to the bone as they prep models, delicately crafting clothes and planning beauty looks that will become show-stoppers.  Thanks to designers and their visions, various fashion and beauty trends emerge, and this year, three trends were showcased on America’s beauties.

Some girls rushed to their salons for ombre hair, throwing out their rule books on allowing roots to show.  Other women could not get enough of the coral look on either their lips or cheeksTemporary tattoos made their mark both on and off the runway.  Finally, nailpolish fans brushed their fingernails with purple shades, like Chanel’s Paradoxal.  All of these beauty trends were a lot of fun, but which trend could you not get enough of?

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