Think before you ink with TEMPTU

October 11, 2010  |  Press

It is no secret that tattoos are much more popular and mainstream today then they were 30 years ago.  You can find tattoos on just about everybody, from A-list celebrities, to political figures.  Even Barbie sported a set of butterfly tattoos in 1999.  In a new Good Morning America segment, focused on parenting and family issues, Elizabeth Hasselbeck addressed the growing popularity of tattooed teens. Whether you are for or against teen tattoos this segment made one point that everyone can get behind; temporary tattoos are a great way to try before you buy.

“Temporary tattoos are an increasingly popular alternative for those on the fence about to-tattoo or not-to-tattoo”, states Hasselback.  A tattoo can be a big commitment depending on the size and placement of the artwork.  A temporary tattoo is a much less expensive alternative that will allow you to take your tattoo out for a test drive.  So have you ever tried out a tattoo before actually getting one?  Would you?

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