To Be or Not To Be…Photoshopped?

June 23, 2011  |  Inspiration

In the picture perfect world of beauty, photoshop is to modeling as frosting is to cake. It’s no secret that behind a large amount of beauty imagery, there has been some form of digital retouching to thank for a flawless finished complexion. Yet, despite the photoshop craze some companies like Origins (Estée Lauder) and Makeup Forever opted for a more natural “untouched” image in their recent ads. Though many beauty fans have been raving about their love for the no-retouch ad craze model Caroline Louise Forsling raving mad about her recent Origins ad campaign. The top Swedish model is actually suing Estée Lauder for a whopping $2 million after the company used her unretouched photograph to promote their newest product Plantscription.

Is there such a thing as “too natural” in the beauty world? Well for model Caroline Forsling there is a fine line between photo and photoshop. Forsling claims that Estée Lauder made her appear to look older in their Plantscription advertisment. These test shots show Forsling with no make up and her hair pulled back. The ad used these photos to create a “before and after” display of the effect of the product, meaning one side of her face has no make up to emphasize “wrinkles” and the other side is flawless to emphasize “youthfulness”. Forsling feels that these “natural” photos are utter career suicide!

What do you think about this case? Is going natural a beauty industry no-no?


  1. I think she should be PROUD of the fact she has wrinkles and still looks beautiful! I know in the modeling industry this is not a good thing but NEWS FLASH… the everyday woman can respect and appreciate this. The product clearly speaks for itself in the before/after picture (well that is if the “after” pic on the right side of her face was not photoshopped!) Good strategy behind the campaign and I find this image compelling.

    If marketed right she could turn this into a very positive career move. Too bad she is so self absorbed and jaded she can not see that!

  2. The point is that Caroline did not agree to this … and most important … this is blatant false advertisement. Plantscription did in fact retouch the photo… the product did not make the right side of the model’s face smooth … photoshop did. I hope Caroline wins this.

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