Top 5 Tips to Summer Proof Your Beauty Routine

August 4, 2011  |  Tips & Technique

We all love the beautiful weather that summer brings, but sometimes those sweaty days can melt your makeup right off your face. Yuck! Hot and sticky summer weather does NOT mean that you have to deal with runny, here in the morning gone in the evening makeup. To help you out we’ve put together our top 5 tips to summer proof your beauty routine!

1. The Power of Sunscreen

Whether you lounge in the sun all day or prefer to cool off in the shade, wearing sunscreen is a necessity!  Although the sun peaks from 10am-3pm, it’s flaming rays are still powerful all day long. You need to be wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both ultra-violet ray A (UVA) and ultra-violet ray B (UVB), ( unless your into wrinkles and skin cancer). One of our favorite sunscreens is OLEHENRIKSEN’s Protect the Truth SPF 50+. Not only is this sunscreen a powerful sun protectant but it also heals preexisting sun damage and prevents premature aging caused by UV exposure! It also has a really yummy candy smell!

 2. Prepare

No matter how perfect your makeup looks in the morning, by the end of a hot summer day you may just be left with nothing but sweat. However, your secret weapon to prevent melting makeup on even the hottest of days is the right primer. TEMPTU’s  BASE Smooth & Matte Primer controls oil production, smooths the surface of your skin, and insures your makeup stays put all day! Just apply BASE Smooth & Matte Primer before you apply your makeup, and you’ll look flawlessly fresh from day to night.

 3, Less Is More!

Now is not the time to be piling on your makeup! In this sizzling heat, the less is more approach is truly key. The lighter and airier your makeup is the better. It’s easy to summer proof your usual makeup routine by simply turning your TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System to “LESS”. For the really hot summer days try skipping the foundation and just go for our Illuminating Blush and Bronzer duo (AIR pod Bronzer and AIR pod Sunset Glow), for a simple summer radiance that will last you all day!

4. Set Your Pretty Face!

With your sunscreen, primer, and makeup on you’ll be looking like a midsummer dream! Before you’re ready to take the town be sure to set your makeup with a good powder. Try our Retouch Powder to finish off your final look. A little powder will keep you shine free and your look secure throughout the blistering heat!

 5. Maintain

If you follow our steps above you won’t have to touch up at all! But when you’re in a pinch a little RETOUCH Blush and Highlighter go a long way! Just remember that it does get super hot outside so be sure to stay as cool as possible to ensure true heat protection.

Do you have any tried and true summer proof make up tips? Share them with up below!

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