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Sweet Clementine

How to Get the Look

Inspired by the warm, tangy shades of summer 2012, limited edition AIRpod Blush in Clementine can be worn in subtle sheers for everyday effervescence, or build it up for night time drama!

Use one or more of these tips to achieve a lively, unique look.


For a subtle wash of juicy color, apply one even layer of AIRpod Blush in Clementine starting at the apples of the cheeks and sweeping upwards towards the hairline. To punch it up, add another layer of blush!


Sweep AIRpod Highlighter in Gold on the top of your cheek bones for a glow-from-within look.


Apply AIRpod Blush in Clementine to the eyelids, starting in the center and blending upwards. To build the intensity, apply in sheer layers. Using AIRpod Highlighter in Copper, apply to the crease of the eye and bring a sheer wash up to the brow bone.


Spray a generous amount of AIRpod Blush in Clementine on the back of your hand. With an eyeliner brush, apply to the lower lash line for a tangy tint. Next, apply AIRpod Highlighter in Gold to the inner corner of the eyes. Finish the look with two coats of mascara.


Apply AIRpod Blush in Clementine on the lips to go bold and bright. Remember to bring the AIRbrush close to the lips to avoid over-spray. Once the color has dried, seal the deal with a clear coat of balm or gloss.

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