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How to Airbrush Your Body & Legs

Say Hello to Your Most Beautiful Body

Whether you're trying to camouflage an unwanted bikini line or disguise a bruise, AIRpod Body Camo is the ultimate cover-up. This long-wearing, sweat-resistant formula is the perfect beauty armor for any exposed skin. And like your AIRpod Foundation, it's incredibly easy to apply - delivering gorgeous, even skin tone.

Step 1:

Select your AIRpod Body Camo Shade based on the AIRpod Foundation shade you use. Please see the Conversion Chart below. If you do not know your AIRpod Foundation Shade, please Click Here to find out.

Step 2:

Press the Power Button on the top of your AIRcompressor. You'll feel air flowing through the tip of the AIRpod.

Step 3:

Turn the Dial to 9 o'clock – the optimal setting for a flawless AIRpod Body Camo application. Hold your AIRbrush like a pencil, pointed downward, 6-8 inches away from your skin.

Step 4:

Gently pull back on the Trigger while moving the AIRbrush in small, circular motions. Once your trouble zones are covered, blend makeup outward using sheer layers.

Step 5:

Continue building in sheer layers only where more coverage is needed.


The Dial provides adjustable airflow speed to give you application versatility – from precision detail to full face and body coverage.

Details (Blemishes, Small Tattoos, or Spider Veins): Turn the dial to 12 o'clock, a lower air pressure. Body (Legs, Arms, Decollete): Turn the dial to 9 o'clock, a more powerful air pressure.

Conversion Chart

Foundation AIRpod Body Camo Matching AIRpod Body Camo
Shade 001 - 002 Light
Shade 003 - 005 Medium
Shade 006 - 008 Tan
Shade 009 - 010 Dark
Shade 011 - 012 Deep Dark

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