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Foundation Mixing

AIRpod Makeup Mixing

It takes two to tango! Winter to Summer, Summer to Winter, mixing or no mixing - everyone needs two colors to transition through the seasons. Mix and match your way to a flawless finish with our pro tips on blending your TEMPTU shades.

Step 1:

Cover blemishes, redness, and discoloration by applying a light layer of AIRpod Foundation that is closest to your skin tone – your true shade. Apply a light layer all over your face for and even complexion.

Focus on the following areas:
  • Orbital of the eyes
  • Bridge of nose
  • Forehead
  • Brow bone
  • Tops of cheek bones

Step 2:

To add more dimension to your skin tone and add natural color back into your face, apply an even lighter layer of AIRpod Foundation one shade darker from your true shade with the same undertone.

Focus on the following areas:
  • Below the cheeks bones
  • Along the hairline
  • Sides of the nose
  • Jawline
  • Tip of chin


You can even mix your AIRpod Blushes and Highlighters to achieve day to night looks. Depending on the order you apply the colors, you will create unique, personalized shades. Play around using light layers of Blushes and Highlighters and slowly build to your desired vibrancy and shimmer.

To achieve a light flush, soften your blush color by applying a sheer layer of AIRpod Foundation over your cheeks.

Mix it up all year long with your Perfection Match Duos!

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