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Tips From Our Pros

  • LIPS:

    Blush doubles as a gorgeous lip stain! Pout your lips. Come in close (less than one inch), pulling very lightly on the Trigger. Blot lips together for a gorgeous stain. Apply AIRpod Highlighter to the center of your lips on top of your lip color. This is a professional technique that creates a beautiful gradient and the illusion of fuller lips.
    Blushing Coral Blush
    Pink Pearl Highlighter
  • EYES:

    Use AIRpod Blush as an eye color for a more harmonious look. Next, apply AIRpod Highlighter under your brow bone, inner corners of your eyes, and the tops of your cheek bones. To achieve a more natural look, apply AIRpod Highlighter to the eyelids for a wash of color.
    Washed Rose Blush
    Champagne Highlighter

    Can’t find the apples of your cheeks? Say Cheese! Smile to pronounce the apple and start applying AIRpod Blush there. Use AIRpod Bronzer as a gorgeous contour to create soft definition. Sweep underneath the cheekbones, on the forehead, and underneath your jawline for a modelesque look.
    Peony Pink Blush
    Warm Glow Bronzer
  • BODY:

    Use AIRpod Foundation to cover small imperfections on your body. For a glowing finish, apply AIRpod Highlighter to your décolletage, tops of your shoulders, and down the center of your thighs and shins. Or apply AIRpod Bronzer to those same areas for a shimmery, sun-kissed look.
    Honey Foundation
    Gold Highlighter

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