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How did you get started  in makeup and can you share your career defining moment?

I was 4 years old and would steal my mom’s cosmetics and put them on my dad when he was asleep on the couch. I guess you could say I’ve always been into makeup, art and colors since a young age. My defining moment was when I created my own company about 4 years ago. I decided that makeup was what I wanted to for the rest of my life and wanted to independasize myself and enter a new realm.

How would you describe the creative style that separates you from others?

Ifeel like it’s my thought process; since I didn’t have any formal education on makeup, I’m more of an artist, my whole career has been conceptualized. I had no one to teach me or limit me with certain formulas or textbooks, so I was able to be more creative and think outside the box.

When did you start airbrushing?

I started working with spray paint with my artwork and airbrushing is similar to that in a different plane. So it became integrated in the makeup I was doing.

What do you love most about airbrush makeup? Any Pro tips on airbrushing?

The thing that I love the most is definitely the finish. How utterly flawless the skin looks and how quick and effortless it is. As far as tips: Practice, practice, practice! Don’t stop until it starts making sense to you.

What is your favorite beauty look?

Since I do a lot of fashion art performances, I’m usually in character.  So my favorite beauty look is something very avant-garde, something visceral, extravagant and sometimes a little out there. To me it’s about the transformation to a character, I love that aspect.

Where do you find beauty inspiration?

In colors, nature, people I meet. I love just people watching and seeing how people put themselves together. In all my travels that’s what I always notice. People are my biggest inspiration.

What are your kit essentials and what beauty products can you not live without?

My Lucas pawpaw ointment, my TEMPTU compressor, of course, my YSL eyebrow pencil and my CoverGirl clump crusher mascara.

What do you see as the next hot trend?

I think glitter will be a new hot trend; Chanel showed a glitter under eyeliner which at their couture show was utterly beautiful. Dior also had glitter eyebrows on their runway. I’m really excited for this trend!

Are there artists that you follow where you admire their work?

Of course! None other than the all might Pat McGrath. I’m very inspired by her constant creativity and her beautiful aesthetic.

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