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Airbrush Guns

All of TEMPTU PRO’s airbrush guns are lightweight, ergonomically designed to avoid hand fatigue, and come with a range of different features to accommodate your type of work and frequency of use. It’s also important to note that not all airbrushes are compatible with all compressors, please refer to our guide on Choosing the Right Airbrush Equipment for more information on helping you find the airbrush gun that’s most suitable for you.

For a single action, gravity-fed airbrush that’s ideal for the student or beginner, there’s the SP-40 airbrush. The SP-40 allows for continuous airflow through the gun and is perfect for beauty and light body application.

Our more advanced SP-35 top fed airbrush gun features dual action technology for maximum control of makeup flow and application. The SP-35’s push and pull trigger makes it especially useful for face, body, and fine detail work.

Our newest airbrush innovation, the Airpod Pro, was developed for the artist looking for the convenience of an Airpod with the ability to custom-blend, and is available in options compatible with the 2.0, S-One and Pro Plus compressors. This single action top-feed airbrush solution is reusable and disposable, easily sprays clean, and eliminates the hassle associated with the breaking down and cleaning of traditional airbrush guns.

Our Airpod Airbrush is made to pair with our assortment of interchangeable Airpod makeup cartridges which are also a no-mess single action solution, perfect for the artist that’s just starting out or always on-the-go.
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