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Our February Featured Artist is Barbie meets rock star with perfect skin, deep berry lips, and an eclectic style that epitomizes New York cool. Eight years ago, freelance makeup artist Ashleigh B. Ciucci traded her Cali beach town for a M.A.C counter in the Big Apple, and never looked back. Today, the Fashion Week regular and Allure panelist is doing it all. She even clocks in with some of the industry’s vets, as part of Hair Room Service, a mobile salon offering hair, nails, styling, makeup-on the go.

How did you get started in the industry?

I started working in the industry, working on counter for MAC Cosmetics. I was working part-time and eventually went full-time and moved from a small beach town in California to New York City. I’ve been here eight years and I’ve just worked my way to where I am today.

What kinds of projects do you love most?

My favorite projects are either editorial, of course-there’s nothing better than being able to be creative-but I also love the rush of fashion week and runway. I really thrive under pressure and love to do things quickly and madly.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in a lot of different places, whether in nature or I’m kind of a pop culture freak so I love sort of vintage and throwback, and retro, and also sort of thinking forward with trends and fashion.


What are your favorite TEMPTU products?

My favorite TEMPTU product is the AIRbrush Makeup System. I love it on myself and I also use it in my kit. My favorite product itself is the AIRpod Blush in Coral. I love anything hot! It’s really good on fair skin or dark skin. It’s just universal.

What do you love about airbrushing?

What I love most about airbrushing would be the speed and the ease to get a flawless complexion. Not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect skin and with airbrushing it’s just in a snap. It’s instant gratification.

Any tips on technique?

The biggest tip on technique would be easing up on your trigger finger. It’s really easy to be anxious and pull back hard on the trigger and I find that the easier you are on the trigger, the more even the product goes and the quicker you’ll get to your final result.

Anything exciting coming up?

I have a few tests coming up. Tests meaning spec shoots where you get together and work for the sake of the image. I love that because there’s no pressure. It’s really just about everyone coming together, so I have a few projects like that on the horizon.

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