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Lazy Sundays take on a whole new meaning in Manhattan, especially during NYFW.
Despite the overcharged energy of the week, Creatures of Comfort’s designer Jade Lai was able to create
a zen oasis atop the Maritime Hotel- rock garden and sunshine included. Using the limited-edition CofC Airbrush System
the makeup look captured the same easy spirit with color-blocking lips, glistening eyes, and beachy, sun-kissed cheeks.

Get the Look


AIRpod Foundation.
Undereye Concealer.


AIRpod Blush in Pale Pink for lighter skin tones, AIRpod Blush in Soft Peach
or AIRpod Blush in Nude Pink for darker skin tones.
AIRpod Highlighter in Sunset glow around cheeks.


AIRpod Highlighter in Champagne.
S/B Airbrow Kit for the brows, S/B Airbrow Stencils & Shaper using La Dolce Vita.


S/B Hi-Def in 021 Red for bottom lip, dot of S/B Hi-Def in 028 Pink on bottom and top lip.

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