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The Ethereal Demonic

Artist Anastasia Durasova transported us back into a world of mythology for this Halloween season.
Taking inspiration from gods and goddesses of past beliefs, TEMPTU and Anastasia
created two fanciful looks based on Grecian and Egyptian mythology.

The Egyptian god of chaos long forgotten from modern minds, was the stimulus for the male Halloween look. Father of
Anubis, this mythological God was highly praised by protodynastic rulers of the early Egyptian dynasties. Anastasia used
an array of Dura products to achieve the deity like effects on the model. Focusing on the warm, vibrant hues of an
Egyptian dessert at dusk, these orange and golden shades provided the powerful effect she was able to achieve.




Smooth out the eyebrows by smudging a glue stick
over them completely. Pressing down with a spooly,
and brushing outward. Spray over the eyebrows with
DURA Skin in a shade that matches skin tone.


Using S/B Blush in Clementine 048, brush around
the eye and downward to form an upside down
triangle on each cheek. No hard lines are necessary,
this is just a preliminary base.


Highlight forehead, cheeks, chin,
throat, collar bones, chest, and
shoulders using DURA Original
in Yellow IO 200 with an
airbrush. Airbrush a band
around each bicep using DURA
Shimmer Effects
in Gold
Effects 412
. Fill in, and contour
the rest of the bare face, and fill
in the sides of the neck, top of
the shoulders, and shoulder
blades using DURA Original
in Orange 307.


Using DURA Original Colors in Red 302, define and
contour the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and abs.
Airbrush the entire forearm using this same shade of
DURA. Using flexible plastic create a stencil in the
shape of a rectangle, that is long and wide enough to
wrap around the gold armband on the biceps. Wrap
this stencil around the armband and spray DURA
Original Colors
in Black 301 along the edges and
blending upward, and downward respectively, into the
definition of the muscles on the biceps.


Using DURA Original Colors in Black 301, further
define and contour the muscle definition on the entire
body, as well as deepening the contour on the face.
Cutting a new stencil, using cardstock paper, in the
shape pf a dome flip the stencil upside down, and
place in center of forehead spraying the edges with a
mix of DURA Original Colors in Red 302 and
Black 301.


Anastasia used a stencil on the gold armbands to
spray S/B Hi-Def in Blue 026 for added detail.
With DURA Shimmer Effects in Gold Effects 412,
outline the eyeliner and text using a fine brush.
We recommend adding Egyptian jewelry to complete
the look.

Please note: Be sure not to use DURA too close to
the eye, we request you to use S/B instead due to
alcohol levels not suitable for the eye area.


Add finishing touches, using ears made of card stock,
and adding detail to the basin on the forehead with
Egyptian text, and creating Egyptian eyeliner detail
using S/B Hi-Def in Black 029.

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