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Getting Started with TEMPTU 2.0 System

Assembling Your System

Step 1: Stand your Air Compressor upright on a flat surface and turn your Dial to 3 o’clock.

Step 2: Take one end of the Flex Air Hose and connect it to the Nozzle of the Air Compressor.

Then connect the other end to the Airbrush.

Step 3: Insert the A/C adapter to the back of the Air Compressor and plug it into a nearby outlet.

Prepping your

Shake well before each use.
Remove tamper seal and pull off chrome cap.

Firmly pull back on the clear loop to prime Airpod.

Gentle open the black plug before attaching the Airpod to the Airbrush.

Attaching & Releasing

Attach: To attach the Airpod, press down on the release button and push the Airpod horizontally into the Airbrush until you feel it pop into place.

Release: To release the Airpod, press down on the release button and pull the Airpod away from the Airbrush.

Dial It Up

The Dial provides adjustable airflow speed to give you application versatility — from precision detail to full face and body coverage.


Eyes, Lips and Blemishes

Turn Dial to 12 o’clock


Foundation, Blush and Highlighter

Turn Dial to 3 o’clock


Legs, Arms and Décolleté

Turn Dial to 9 o’clock

Trigger Control

The Trigger control the amount of makeup that is released. Hold your Airbrush like a pencil and rest your finger on the Trigger.

Pull Trigger Back MORE = MORE Makeup is Released

Pull Trigger Back LESS = LESS Makeup is Released

Mastering a Flawless Finish

Only TEMPTU delivers real flawless radiance. The trick to Airbrushing is a lightweight application, less is more. Follow these simple steps for a flawless complexion.

Find Your Sweet Spot
Always maintain a 4-6 inch distance for a soft, feather-light finish.

Keep Moving
Keep it moving in small, circular motions for a seamlessly blended application.

Soft Touch
Pull back gently on the Trigger for flawless, buildable coverage.

Pro Tip: Coverage
To avoid over application, build coverage in sheer layers only where needed, until you reach your desired finish.

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