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Kathleen Ty is a Professional Makeup Artist and Hairstylist working in the city of Los Angeles. Her passion for makeup started at a very young age. Always evolving in her craft, Kathleen continues to excel in the field of makeup and hair by opening herself to new thoughts and ideas passed down from her mentors as well as her peers.

How did you get started in makeup and can you share your career defining moment?

I started out when I was 7 watching Ricky Reyes's show in the Philippines, he did wonders with the sponge as I remember; contouring, highlighting and that 90's style glamour makeup. Ever since, I made a note to myself that one day I will become a makeup artist. I started pursuing my career in 2009 after graduating Cinema Makeup School. A defining moment for me was being able to show my parents that I am able to make a living doing what I love most.

When did you start airbrushing?

I started airbrushing when I was taking classes at CMS. My instructor, Nelly Rachia showed my peers and I some amazing techniques and tricks using airbrush. Nelly is definitely an inspiration and most of all a very talented artist that I truly admire.

Kat Ty
Kat Ty

What are your kit essentials you can not live without?

First and foremost would be my brushes and 99% alcohol. Secondly, is Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream and my TEMPTU S/B Concealer Wheel. Last, but not least is my YSL Rouge Volupte' in nude beige.

What makeup trends do you predeict this season?

I'm predicting this season will be all about dewy, glowing skin.There has been a huge amount of bb, cc and tinted moisturizers/creams coming out - you name it and a cream is coming out.

What's your #1 trick for making your clients looking flawless?

I always tell my clients to moisturize before any application of makeup. A good base equals a good face.

Kat Ty
Kat Ty
Kat Ty

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