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How did you get started as a makeup artist?

I had an interest in creating a makeup line and took a class on basic makeup application to have a better understanding on color theory and makeup. Once I finished the course, my friend asked me to work on a photo-shoot she was putting together. One photo shoot led to another and since then
I have not stopped in the makeup business.

When was your big break in the industry?

Last year, I had an opportunity to work on a TV show that will soon be aired on MTV. That was probably the biggest job I have worked on thus far.

When did you start airbrushing?

I started airbrushing from the beginning of my makeup career. I realized that airbrushing was an important skill and immediately enrolled in a class to learn more. Soon after, I bought my first airbrush system. I’m happy I took the class as it has been a valuable skill and marketing point for my business.

What do you love most about TEMPTU products?

TEMPTU is a staple in the airbrushing industry! The TEMPTU S/B line is gorgeous for brides and editorial work. I am so excited that TEMPTU came out with the AIRpods because they have made it so much quicker for professionals to work on several clients at a time.


Any pro tips on airbrushing?

Practice makes perfect! Taking classes and working as a makeup artist helped refine my airbrushing skills. I suggest everyone should take a class before airbrushing as it is not an easy skill to master.

What is your favorite beauty look?

A clean face with a bright lip; either red or hot pink.

What are the top 5 TEMPTU products that are always in your kit?

1. S/B Primer
2. S/B Concealer Wheel
3. S/B Cleaner
4. S/B Mixing Medium
5. Dura Liquids (you never know when someone needs a tattoo covered)

What is your most important makeup tool?

I have two: A fluffy blending brush that I use for: under eye concealing, blending out any foundation or any eye shadow (I have 4 of the same brush and use them all the time for everything). My other favorite makeup tool is a mixing palette.

If you had to jet to your favorite place in the world in five minutes, what products would you pack and why?

I would take: chapstick, mascara, tweezers, blush, powder and foundation. With these products you can still look fresh and “put together.”

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