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Choosing Equipment

When selecting an airbrush, it is important to consider the type of work you will be doing and the formula you will be using. These two factors will help determine the technology that will best suit your artistic needs.
SP-40 Airbrush

SP-40 Airbrush

A single action, gravity fed airbrush with hybrid technology that allows for continuous air flow through the airbrush gun. Ideal for medium to advanced beauty and body applications.

SP-35 Airbrush

This airbrush features dual action technology with a push-and-pull trigger that separates the activation for air and makeup. This more advanced airbrush allows the user to control air and makeup flow. Works with TEMPTU S-One Compressor and TEMPTU air™ Compressor.

AIRpod Airbrush

This lightweight, ergonomically designed airbrush was created specifically for AIRpods. This airbrush technology features a single action trigger that controls makeup flow and eliminates the need for cleaning. The AIRpod Airbrush is compatible with the TEMPTU S-One Compressor and TEMPTU air™ Compressor.

When selecting a compressor, it is important to consider your working style and location. Some compressors are more portable and travel friendly than others.

S-One Compressor

This compressor is 5.5 lbs. and plugs in to any wall outlet. Its size and durability make it ideal for salon or workstation use. The S-One is recommended for beauty and light body work.

TEMPTU AIRpro Compressor

This compressor is lightweight (1.7 lbs.) and comes with a rechargeable battery, making this compressor extremely portable and ideal for on-set or on location jobs. The TEMPTU AIRpro is recommended for beauty and light body work.

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