At TEMPTU PRO, we offer monthly classes to help artists advance their skills. For training dates and to sign up, please CLICK HERE.

Intro Workshop

This hands-on class will help artists master their airbrush equipment and learn basic beauty application. This complete introductory course will feature tips for achieving flawless airbrush applications, troubleshooting, and proper airbrush maintenance.

Cost: $50

Advanced Beauty Workshop

The Advanced Beauty Workshops will take your airbrushing skills to the next level. Curriculum includes mastering color correction, blemish coverage, proper contouring, highlighting, eye shadow, and brow techniques. 

Cost: $50

Requirements: Prior experience is required.

Bridal Workshop

The Bridal Workshop covers the business and artistic aspects of bridal makeup. Curriculum includes marketing, best business practices, creating photo-op ready looks, and tattoo coverage. 

Cost: $50

Requirements: Prior experience is required. 

Cristina Cuellar Seminar

Cristina Cuéllar te compartirá los atributos y bondades de la técnica, la marca y particularmente el uso de cada formulación.

El asistente podrá aprender un técnica de aplicación de maquillaje aerográfico probada por más de 10 años.

Demostrará un maquillaje completamente realizado con técnica y maquillaje Temptu

        Cost: $25