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Leave it to the Miami crowd to keep it sexy in 100 degree weather. Last night, we wrapped up Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim
’14 alongside the bronzed and the beautiful as the official makeup sponsor of 6 Shore Road. Key Makeup Artist Michelle Cameau
went for a bold and fresh look with an edge, keeping eyes natural yet defined with a pop of color.

Get the Look

Step 1: Foundation

Use TEMPTU PRO S/B Foundation to create a dewy yet satiny base.

Step 2: Concealer

To create highlights in the face, pick a light shade from the TEMPTU PRO S/B Concealer Wheel, and pat under the eyes, on the
forehead, on the chin, and along the bridge of the nose.


Contour and slim the face using the darkest shade of the Concealer Wheel.

Step 3: Eyes

Contour the crease with a soft brown shadow, then line under the eyes with TEMPTU PRO S/B Highlighter in Silver Shimmer.
Extend the line for a sultry cat eye! Finish off with two coats of black mascara.


Create a natural full brow by dipping a slanted brush in TEMPTU PRO S/B Airbrow, then lightly feathering.

Step 4: Cheeks

Airbrush the apples of the cheeks with TEMPTU PRO S/B Blush in Apricot for a subtle tint that mimics a beachy glow.

Step 5: Lips

Airbrush TEMPTU PRO S/B Blush in Ruby Red over the lips. Use bare fingers or a lip brush to tap TEMPTU PRO S/B Blush in
Raspberry on the center of the top and bottom lips, creating an ombre effect.

Step 6: Set

Seal the makeup with TEMPTU PRO Invisible Difference Powder in Banane

You can also get a similar look with the TEMPTU AIRpods! Apply AIRpod Foundation in your perfect shade. On the cheeks, use the
new Jewel Tone Shimmering Blushes in Tourmaline and topped off with Jade Rose. Airbrush AIRpod Blush in Peony Pink over the
lips and apply Hot Pink Blush on the center of the top and bottom lips for the ombre effect. For the eyes, use a shimmery silver
liner, or, for a subtler glow effect, apply AIRpod Highlighter in Champagne under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eyes.

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