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Transfer Tattoos

TEMPTU PRO’s entrance into transfer tattoos all began with 1981's cult classic film, Tattoo. It was here where our breakthrough tattoo paint formula and ink transfers were originally introduced—becoming an overnight success with Hollywood makeup professionals. This led to the development of our exceptional line of body paints, temp tattoos, cosmetics and the birth of the TEMPTU brand. Since then, our expansive line of transfer tattoos have appeared on many of fashion, music, TV and film’s most famous. Today, our premium temporary tattoos come in a variety of multi and mini-packs in themes ranging from Gangster to Girly. The high quality Dura ink used to create these transfers is the secret to their long-lasting durability and truly authentic looking appearance. For best results, follow our application and after care instructions and enjoy a temporary tattoo that’s that as real-looking as a professional tattoo itself.
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