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Master Class: Tattoo Coverage

Hiding a tattoo can be difficult, but TEMPTU’s Tattoo Coverage Kits conceal even the darkest ink in 4 easy steps.
Our Dura formula is waterproof, non-transferable and provides coverage that lasts.


Step 1: PREP

Based on your client's skin tone, choose the Tattoo Coverage Kit in Skin Light or Skin Dark. Prep skin by wiping down the area with Alcohol 99. For lasting results, avoid using oils or moisturizer before applying Dura Adjuster(s).


Using color theory, choose the Dura Adjuster(s) that will cancel out the colors in the tattoo. Apply the Adjuster over the tattoo with your airbrush gun staying 1-2 inches away from the skin.

Skin Light Kit:
  • Coral Adjuster #320 covers black and blue tones
  • Red Adjuster #322 covers green tones
  • Olive Adjuster #321 covers red tones
Skin Dark Kit:
  • Yellow Ochre #324 covers black and blue tones
  • Henna #201 covers green tones
  • Cool Blue #325 covers red tones

Pro Tip:

For detailed work, or a tattoo with multiple colors, use a precision brush to apply the Dura Adjuster.


Test the foundation color on patches to find the best shade. Apply foundation with your airbrush gun directly over the corrected layer staying 1-2 inches away. To make sure the skin is even and blended, apply past the edge of the color adjusted area.

Pro Tip:

You may need to use a warmer foundation shade on the color adjusted area before applying the actual skin tone.


Once dried, apply Invisible Difference Powder over the entire area. Gently pat to set.

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