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TEMPTU’s signature way of coverage can be achieved in 3 steps:
Correct, Conceal and Complete.


  • To begin, use the Tattoo Coverage Kit in light or dark depending on the client’s skin tone.
  • Make sure skin is thoroughly clean. No oils. No moisturizer.
  • Using color theory, find the correct adjuster color that will cancel out and correct the tattoo. Use a color wheel for guidance.
Tattoo Coverage Light


  • Use foundations on top of your color correction. Test patches on the skin to find the best color before applying to the entire area.

    Pro Tip:

    You may need to use darker skin tones to lighten up the area before you use the actual skin tone.

  • Hold 1-2 inches away and follow over edge of the tattoo to blend in with skin.
Tattoo Coverage Dark


  • Once dry, use Invisible Difference Powder all over the coverage.
  • Use a powder puff and rub its sides together.
  • Gently tap puff on top of coverage an wipe away access.
Invisible Difference Finishing Powder
Featured Video: Tattoo Coverage

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