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Will Lemon never planned to become an iconic makeup artist. He caught the attention of famed beauty photographer Richard Burbridge, during a performance where he created his own makeup looks and the rest is history.
At 26 years old, Lemon’s first two makeup jobs consisted of a 10-page spread in V Magazine and window designs, packaging, and media for MAC’s 2007 Ornamentalism campaign. Will went on to showcase his innovative makeup techniques on muse Chloë Sevigny for Beck’s “Gamma Ray,” and airbrushed Lady Gaga (using TEMPTU’s DURA line!) into a skeleton songstress alongside Zombie Boy Rick Genest for the chart-topping music video “Born this Way.” We are excited to see where this versatile artist is headed next…

How did you get started in the industry?

I had written and was performing a Babalonian rock opera and we had made these zines where I was switching characters and makeup looks between scenes at lightning speed. Richard Burbridge called me and offered me 10 pages in V magazine and until then I had never done makeup in that setting. The rest is “Google-able” history.

What do you love about working in makeup?

I feel like when you are making a collaborative work of photography (fashion),
or video, the real heart of it is in the characters. I feel like makeup is essential in telling that part of the story and being the last person to touch the face of someone going out on set can be a deep artistic connection and psychologically fascinating from an art perspective.


What project did you have the most fun working on?

They are all a blast but any project where I do something new. My latest shoot with Mykki Blanco was great, the Legs video with Raquel Alegra that is going to come out…all these were new and fun.

What are the top 5 products that are always in your kit?

Well you know I love TEMPTU, and that means that I always have my S/B and DURA Palettes, the TEMPTU Neutralizer Wheel, my Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre, and my Graftobian Cover Up Palette.

Why is DURA one of your favorite products?

I work with a lot of dancers and do a lot of performance stuff too and if you are looking to take time on a look and don't want it to melt on camera it’s always good to use DURA, which has the brilliance of glowing skin and unsurpassed staying power…it just works better.

What do you love about airbrushing?

Skin loves airbrushing; it looks more like the good lord put that color there.
If I really examine it, doing skin with animal hair and pigment seems so barbaric, which can be good, but when I'm doing skin that I want the good lord to be proud of I will always use an airbrush :)

What is your favorite DURA color or palette?

I like them all but my favorite right now is the DURA Skin Light/Dark Palettes.

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