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Airbrush Makeup Kits

Whether you’re new to airbrushing or are an advanced artist, our assortment of professional Airbrush Makeup Kits offer a solution for whatever line of work you’re in. From portable & lightweight, to salon & workstation use, one of our kits has you covered. For the artist always on-the-go, the TEMPTU Air’s long-life rechargeable battery and cordless design make travelling a breeze; just pop in one of our interchangeable Airpod makeup cartridges or our Airpod Pro, a reusable and disposable single action, top-feed, airbrush cartridge, and you’re ready to instantly start airbrushing anywhere.

Our 2.0 airbrush kits, ideal for beauty and light body work, are great for the artist just starting out and feature our original 2.0 compressor that’s compatible with our Airpod makeup or paired with our top-fed Airpod Pro for custom-blending.

Our S-One airbrush kits are specifically designed for salon or workstation use, providing maximum power and durability for frequent stationary performance.

The Pro Plus is TEMPTU’s most versatile, professional airbrush compressor for flexibility in application, maintenance and convenience, giving artists flexibility to apply custom-blended or pre-filled ready-to-use makeup – as it is designed to work with any single or dual-action top-feed airbrush.
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