Blush Tips that Will Have You Feeling the Love this Valentine's Day

Blush Tips that Will Have You Feeling the Love this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re turning up the heat with our favorite airbrush blush tips and tricks.

How to Apply Airbrush Blush: 7 Blush Tips for a Rosier Valentine’s Day

1. Give your skin some TLC.

The secret to giving your blush staying power is starting with a clean, hydrated face. Wash and moisturize your skin as always, and then apply a makeup primer to help your look last.

Pro Tip: Exfoliate your skin first to help your blush blend onto the skin more evenly.


Base Smooth & Matte Primer

2. Find your perfect match.

The right shade of blush for you largely depends on your natural skin tone. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Fair skin: pale pink and rose in sheer washes of color.
  • Light to medium skin: peach, pink and coral tones.
  • Golden to olive skin tones: bold shades of pink, peach and coral with warm undertones.
  • Dark skin tones: bright shades of coral or hot pink.

Pro Tip: Build up your blush using sheer layers. Allow the color to set for 10–15 seconds in between passes for a more dramatic flush.


Perfect Canvas Airpod Blush in Dahlia

3. Commit to the proper technique.

You want your blush to mimic a natural flush of color on your cheeks, and that means you’ll need to blend, blend, blend. Our handheld airbrush does the work for you with an even mist of pigment, but feel free to use a damp beauty sponge to continue blending the color as needed.

Pro Tip: Apply our Perfect Canvas Airpod Blush with the single-speed TEMPTU One or with the TEMPTU Air using speed setting two. Hold the device 1-2 inches away from your face and pull down gently on the SoftTouch Control moving in small circular motions. Start at the apples of your cheeks, sweeping upward towards the temple.


4. Flirt with different formulas.

We love shimmer just as much as you do, but shimmery blush isn’t always the best choice for your skin. If your complexion is relatively smooth and blemish-free, shimmer and shine as you please. But if you’re dealing with uneven texture and blemishes, a matte finish is a more flattering option.

5. Pair it with contour.

Blush and contour are a dream team, so don’t even think about splitting them up (especially on Valentine’s Day). Use our airbrush contour to lightly define your features, and then add blush to warm things up with a healthy wash of color.

Pro Tip: Went a shade overboard with the blush? Tone down the color by airbrushing a little foundation on top.

6. Glow all the way.

The best way to boost your blush? Top it off with a highlight. Our airbrush highlighter gives you that healthy, lit-from-within glow you crave.


Perfect Canvas Airpod Highlighter in Champagne

7. Pile on the charm.

Blush is actually one of the most versatile cosmetics out there. Use it on your eyelids as a romantic eyeshadow, or sweep it up around the temples and hairline to help frame your face.

Pro Tip: TEMPTU blush can also double as a flirty lip color. Holding the airbrush gun around 1” from your lips, press down lightly on the SoftTouch Control and apply the color to your pout. Blot your lips together for a gorgeous (and kiss-proof) stain.

5 Hottest Blush Trends to Try This Valentine’s Day

Ready to be a blushing beauty? These Cupid-approved looks are sure to captivate.

1. Cheeky Blush

This look is a classic for a reason. Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and buff the color in circular motions for an ultra-natural finish.

2. ‘80s Blush

The dramatic blush of the ‘80s is making a major comeback this year with bold hues and dramatic sweeps of color extending from your cheeks to your brow bone.

3. Outdoorsy Blush

Fake an apres ski glow with blush inspired by the great outdoors. Blend the pigment beyond the cheeks, taking it just below the eye, over the bridge of your nose and up onto the temples for a look that’s fresh off the slopes.

4. Sun-Kissed Blush

No need to wait until summer for an all-over glow. Sun-kissed blush helps you look like you just got back from the tropics, and it’s so easy to apply. Mist some TEMPTU bronzer on your face first, and then add blush to the main points of the face (your cheeks, the bridge of the nose, your eyelids, chin and even your forehead.

5. Draped Blush

Draped blush is walking right off the runway and into the real world—and we can’t wait to rock it this Valentine’s Day. Essentially, you’re blending high-pigment blush from your cheekbones up along the sides of your eyes to frame your romantic gaze.