Say hello to airbrush for beginners and the flawless complexion of real at home airbrush makeup with these airbrush makeup starter kits curated just for you.

When it comes to at home airbrush makeup kits for beginners, there is no easier or better value kit than those featuring the TEMPTU One – our newest cordless, handheld, easy-to-use airbrush system. It works seamlessly with our Airpod makeup cartridges that easily pop on and off, taking out the guesswork of trying to blend makeup and eliminating the mess associated with traditional airbrush application methods.

Our lightweight and rechargeable starter kits are the definition of easy airbrushing. You can master it in minutes, creating Pro results at home in just the touch of a button. Our patented technology creates a micronized mist of makeup that leaves the most impeccable finish, while still looking natural. The genius is that, as you build in layers, you cover everything but use less makeup to do it. So, the end result feels like nothing and looks more flawless -- resembling skin rather than makeup. Each at home airbrush makeup kit found has been created by our Pros to suit any need or budgets.

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