How to Apply the TEMPTU Infinite Summer Tanner

How to Apply the TEMPTU Infinite Summer Tanner

For the first time, TEMPTU is providing consumers with a reusable open Airpod – the Airpod Pro – that allows for infinite refills of the airbrush Skin Prep and Infinite Summer!

Look on vacation indefinitely with this natural-looking, gradual airbrush self-tanner for the face and body infused with good-for-skin ingredients that deliver a buildable, superior even golden glow that lasts up to one week or longer with continued touch-up applications.

Applying the Skin Prep & Self Tanner:

For the best gradual self-tanner application, use the TEMPTU Air or One, refillable Airpod Pro, Skin Prep (all sold separately) and Infinite Summer. The Airpod Pro is an open, refillable, and reusable Airpod cartridge for use with our skin care formulas for face and body application.

  • Make sure skin is clean and dry before applying Skin Prep.
  • For face, place 6-10 drops in the well of the Airpod Pro, for a body application, fill it up.
  • Replace lid and if applying by TEMPTU Air, spray on speed setting 1.
    Apply the Skin Prep to skin in sections and spray in a circular motion, angling the device downwards.
  • You can apply extra to any areas that show dry or rough patches of skin.
  • Once finished, spray through any excess until it sprays only air, and let Skin Prep dry down.
  • Repeat steps 2-4 with Infinite Summer Self-Tanner, until skin is well-coated.
  • While self-tanner dries, clean the Airpod Pro by filling it with soap and water.
  • Spray it through to clean and rinse with water.
  • When skin is fully dry, apply your favorite moisturizer, serum or makeup.
  • Your natural golden glow will develop in 2-12 hours.
    Reapply as needed every 6-12 hours to build depth, richness of color and extend the life of your tan.