Skin Solutions with Color Correctors

Problematic Skin Solutions

Face Your Face: How To Conceal & Conquer with Color Beyond everyday life stresses (like that alarm blaring at 6 a.m. to get to the gym and make it to work on time), sometimes our skin creates real problems we can’t avoid (like hitting snooze, for example). Thankfully there are ways to be proactive and combat the most stubborn and spontaneous snags. Phew! Redness/rosacea and discoloration, dullness, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and age spots are a few issues that women (and men!) deal with on a daily basis. But, these concerns can be concealed and conquered with a little time, effort and the right materials. There isn’t a standard playbook for maneuvering past these setbacks, but there are ways to neutralize the appearance of skin discoloration. Color concealers are designed to hide these differences (think: greens, yellows, reds and other color wheel staples – instead of skin-toned hues). Our Perfect Canvas One Step Concealer & Color Corrector quickly, easily and confidently offers long-wear coverage without midday touchups. It provides a natural-looking finish, and it’s water-resistant, too! Whether you’re using an airbrush or another method to apply a traditional concealer, there are a few things to consider, depending on your complexion. Here’s how to choose the most appropriate color to correct problematic skin: Lavender Brightens while canceling dullness and sallowness in fair-to-tan complexions. Ideal for olive skin tones. Light Peach Neutralizes overall hyperpigmentation, fatigue, age spots, and conceals dark under eye circles and blue veins on fair-to-light skin tones. Peach Neutralizes overall darkness, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and conceals dark under eye circles in tan-to-dark skin tones. Green Conceals intense redness from rosacea, acne, blotchy skin, or irritation on fair-to-tan skin tones. Yellow The most universal color corrector for neutralizing mild redness, dullness, and signs of fatigue in fair-to-tan skin tones. Caramel Perfect for dark-to-deep skin tones to aide in any skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation, under eye circles and uneven skin tone. Salmon The most universal shade for any dark spots and under eye circles on fair-to-dark skin tones. Melon The most universal color corrector to neutralize dark spots, under eye circles, blue veins and hyperpigmentation for light-to-dark skin tones. While you thought colors were for painting and prints, it’s not so black-and-white. We can’t solve the early-hour wakeup alarm sounding 5-days a week, but this guide will surely help your morning routine, should it involve concealing discoloration!