TEMPTU Behind the Scenes in PEOPLE COUNTRY

Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Album is out in People Country Special Issue today!

The People Country September issue shows exclusive pictures of Carrie getting ready for her big day. TEMPTU was behind the scenes in the hands of Carrie’s personal makeup artist, Melissa Schleicher to look her best. “The dress was so full, we wanted simple, classic makeup. I wanted her to glow,” says Schleicher. “She said , ‘Make sure you use waterproof because I’m sure I’ll shed tears.’” Melissa used TEMPTU airbrush makeup as her go-to product to get Carrie fairytale wedding ready. Not only did TEMPTU airbrush makeup help Carrie stay flawless through Hotlanta heat and humidity, but through her tears of joy. Is TEMPTU airbrush makeup for everyone? Schleicher adds,“The TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System is amazing for people who want to get the red carpet, flawless look at home and every day. It’s easy to use and great for the average person.”