TEMPTU PRO Helps Transform Martha Stewart Into a Spellbinding Sorceress

One look at Martha’s entrancing costume banishes any belief that practicing the art of magic means looking like a wicked witch. Here, full-on glamour takes the place of green skin and a wart covered face. For the finishing touch to her Spellbinding Sorceress costume, Martha Stewart came to TEMPTU PRO to design her special custom tattoo star headdress.

TEMPTU PRO worked diligently with Martha’s designers to put together a custom tattoo befitting a Sorceress of her stature. Makeup Artist Christopher Milone brought the tattoos to life on set by carefully applying them to Martha’s forehead, temples, and neck. The result? A powerful enchantress who sparkles and shines from head to toe.

For a behind-the-scenes peek at Martha Stewart’s extraordinary costume transformation, check out her new Halloween TV special, Tricking and Treating with Martha Stewart, airing this Sunday, October 10th on the Hallmark Channel.