Winged Eyeliner

Why Winged Eyeliner Has Taken Flight

It’s almost a silly question because its not just taking flight, it’s simply making a come back, and will continue to do so every couple seasons. There are a few reasons it is finding is place in society again. From winged eye liner’s origins, it has always been a statement piece; like a bold accessory for the women who aren’t afraid to stand out a bit more than the rest. Many icons over the last century have adorned themselves with this look however, they didn’t all do it the same way. If you take a look at women that come to mind when discussing winged liner, Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Amy Winehouse, The Kardashians, etc. each wore their wing in a unique way. No matter how big or small, thick or thin, black or colored wing, each of these fine ladies wore it with confidence. Women used to have to dumb down their beauty to blend in with the male-dominated workforce who held the majority of power. But as the years have passed, women's confidence has evolved and we are no longer afraid to be the Beauty and the Boss. We can have both. We continue to see new versions and uses of the wing all over the red carpet, runway, social media, and among our youth. Now more than ever women are breaking out of their shells and developing a strong footing in our communities, industries, workforce, and media. At every age, women and even men, are finding the confidence to go a little more bold drawing attention up and into our eyes, as if they could just peer right into your soul. Women of all ages have dreamt of reaching this makeup achievement for decades! Some have shied away due to its difficulty, but those determined enough to accomplish the perfect symmetrical set of wings are sharing their tricks of the trade now more than ever before. I can't name one insta famous makeup artists who has not, at one point, flooded their page with pictures of their best wings. It has become one of the most common images you’ll scroll past. If done well, a good wing has the ability to instantly shave 5 years off your face, leaving you with the illusion of younger, more elongated and lifted eyes. People are coming out with any and every product to make this look simpler, whether its, stamps, tape, stencils, different pen tips, or tattoos because we all know a bad wing with the incorrect shape, can do more damage then not wearing a wing at all. So with the rise of women, comes the rise of the wing! Written by Pro artist Kyle Harder