How To Care For Your Airbrush Airpods

Daily Love

Sometimes our Airpod™ needs a little TLC too. Show your Airpod some love with these simple steps that will ensure they will always perform perfectly for you. For optimal results, follow these steps each time you use your Airpod.

Step 1Shake It

Shake your Airpod for smooth color application.

Step 2Plug It

Before each use, open by flipping the plug up. Be sure to close the plug when your Airpod is not is use.

Extra Love

Occasionally, your Airpod may need a little extra love. If your Airpod does not spray as it should, follow these extra steps.

Step 3Loosen Up

Pull on the Clear Loop while holding the Airpod tip up.

Step 4Clean It

Clean any makeup buildup from the Airpod tip with makeup remover or alcohol using a Q-Tip.

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