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Airpod Pro Essentials Set

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This three-piece set features the reusable Airpod Pro, TEMPTU Cleaning & Mixing Brush and S/B Airbrush Cleaner. It provides all the equipment you need to airbrush like a pro, mixing shades and custom blending colors, when paired with bottles of any TEMPTU formulas (sold separately).

Prepping your Airpod Pro:

STEP 1: Remove the tamper seal on tip and clear cap.

STEP 2: Prime the needle by dropping 1-2 drops of S/B Airbrush Cleaner into the inner well. Pull gently on the clear loop.

STEP 3: Remove cap and attach the Airpod Pro to the TEMPTU One or TEMPTU Air.

STEP 4: Spray S/B Airbrush Cleaner through thoroughly.

Using your Airpod Pro:

STEP 1: Insert 7-10 drops of makeup into the inner well of the Airpod Pro, needle should be fully covered.

STEP 2: Blend with the TEMPTU Cleaning & Mixing Brush if mixing colors.

STEP 3: Snap clear cap onto well for spill-free application.

Tip: For faster, easier application and less cleaning, assign an Airpod Pro to each type of makeup (e.g. one for foundation, one for shimmers, one for color like blush).

Cleaning your Airpod Pro:

STEP 1: Drop S/B Airbrush Cleaner into the inner well of the Airpod Pro after using TEMPTU makeup or between colors. 

STEP 2: Use TEMPTU Cleaning & Mixing Brush to clean around and under the needle. 

STEP 3: Spray completely through. 

STEP 4: Repeat as needed until spray is clear. 

STEP 5: When finished, regardless of formula used, always clean the Airpod Pro thoroughly with Alcohol 99% so it is ready to use for the next application. 

STEP 6: Never leave makeup sit in the Airpod Pro to dry or harden. 

Tip: For no-mess cleaning, spray into Airpod Pro Cleaning Pot (sold separately). 

Airpod Pro Care & Maintenance:

  • Never soak or submerge the Airpod Pro in alcohol. 
  • Never store makeup or other products inside the Airpod Pro. 
  • Each Airpod Pro is designed to last up to 120 uses with proper care and depending on frequency of use. 
  • To care for the TEMPTU Cleaning & Mixing Brush, it is best to clean the brush after and smooth the bristles down to help dry back to shape.

For instructions on how to use or how to prep, attach or troubleshoot the Airpod Pro visit the How-To section of the website.


S/B Airbrush Cleaner: Cyclopentasiloxane


    Airpod Pro Essentials Set
    Airpod Pro Essentials Set


    Set Includes:
    • Airpod Pro
    • TEMPTU Cleaning & Mixing Brush
    • S/B Airbrush Cleaner (1 oz.)

    Airpod Pro is a reusable and disposable single action, top-feed, patented airbrush cartridge that gives you the power to mix and customize makeup. Create your perfect shade, customize your shade for contouring or create fun new colors. All you need is just a few drops of makeup in the inner well, enough to cover the needle and you are ready to apply!

    • Single action, top gravity feed
    • Needle/Nozzle size: 0.5mm
    • Top gravity feed
    • Mix & customize colors in the open-chamber
    • Reusable & disposable, attaches & detaches from the TEMPTU Air or One
    • Clean well with S/B Airbrush Cleaner between colors & formulas
    • Spray clean with S/B Airbrush Cleaner after every use, lasts up to 120 uses
    • Compatible with all TEMPTU airbrush formulas
    • Never store makeup for long periods or overnight in the Airpod Pro

    TEMPTU Cleaning & Mixing Brush is a slim brush designed specifically for the use of cleaning as well as custom mixing colors in the Airpod Pro. The bristles provide maximum control to clean around and under the needle of the Airpod Pro. Clean your Airpod Pro using S/B Airbrush Cleaner, Alcohol 99% or water depending on the makeup formula used. To increase longevity of the brush, it is best to clean the brush after and smooth the bristles down to help dry back to shape.

    S/B Airbrush Cleaner is the professional choice for effortless airbrush cleaning. This specialized formula quickly and easily removes any TEMPTU formula from the Airpod Pro.

    • Primes Airpod Pro before first use
    • Removes makeup from the Airpod Pro
    • Can be used on makeup brushes or for cleaning the tip of Airpods with a Q-tip
    • Designed for use with silicone formulas

    Learn the fundamentals of airbrushing and useful essential tips, tricks and troubleshooting to achieve optimal results by visiting the How-To section of our website.



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