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TEMPTU One is an easy-to-use, portable and handheld beauty device for one-touch airbrush perfection. Our patented technology delivers less makeup and more complete coverage than makeup brush application. Easily achieve professional airbrush makeup results at home with the touch of a button. Airpod Makeup and Airpod Pro sold separately.

Prepping your Airpod:

First, shake your Airpod. If it is the first time you are using this Airpod, remove the tamper seal and pull off cap. Firmly pull back on the clear loop to prime Airpod. Gently open the black plug before attaching Airpod to the TEMPTU One.

Attaching your Airpod:

Press down on the round release button on the side of the TEMPTU One and slide the Airpod, window side up, into the device until it clicks into place.

Detaching your Airpod:

Press down on the round release button on the side of the TEMPTU One and pull downward on the Airpod to remove it from the One. Be sure to close the black plug on the Airpod when not in use.

Using the TEMPTU One:

Charge before first use. Hold down on the power button for two seconds to turn the TEMPTU One on and off.

Always stop and look in between passes until reaching the desired level of coverage. You want to see perfected skin, not the makeup.

The light will start blinking when the One needs to be charged, which takes 2-4 hours to complete.

SoftTouch Control:

The SoftTouch Control regulates the amount of makeup released from the Airpod. For makeup to spray, use pointer finger to hold down the SoftTouch Control.

Practice on your hand to get a feel for the application. Less is More. Always press down lightly when applying to the face. Only press down all the way on the SoftTouch Control when applying to larger areas of the body.

Mastering a Flawless Finish:

Hold the TEMPTU One about four fingers from the face. Always keep the One moving in small, circular motions for a seamless, even finish.

Use a light touch with the SoftTouch Control when applying makeup to the face. TEMPTU makeup is weightless and buildable - a little goes a long way.

Stop and look between passes until reaching the desired level of coverage.
  • 1-2 passes for sheer coverage
  • 2-3 passes for medium coverage
  • 3-4 passes for full coverage
Pro Tips to avoid a wet, heavy or uneven finish:
  • Do not hold One too close to skin
  • Do not move in a back-and-forth motion
  • Do not press too hard on the SoftTouch Control

Always stop and look in between passes until reaching the desired level of coverage. You want to see perfected skin, not the makeup.

Pre-filled Airpods may require cleaning of the tip occasionally to maintain optimal spray. Remove any makeup buildup from around the Airpod needle with S/B Airbrush Cleaner and the TEMPTU Cleaning & Mixing brush or other fine tip brush (sold separately).

For instructions on how to use the TEMPTU One or how to prep, attach or troubleshoot Airpod Makeup visit the How-To section of the website.


    TEMPTU One
    TEMPTU One
    TEMPTU One
    TEMPTU One
    TEMPTU One


    TEMPTU One combined with our patented, interchangeable Airpod Makeup delivers:

    • Flawless, Skin-like Finish: The Atomized Airflow™ Technology transforms our Airpod Makeup into a micro-fine mist creating even, skin-perfected coverage that hides everything & is so weightless, it feels like nothing on the skin
    • Customizable Coverage: Single speed air flow & SoftTouch Control let you adjust the amount of makeup: Sheer, medium or full coverage, spot conceal, highlight & contour
    • Imperfection Correction: Precision application works as the ultimate “magic eraser” for fine lines, pores, blemishes & discoloration
    • Pro Performance & Staying Power: Instantly blended, long-lasting finish, engineered to meet even the highest standards of Pro makeup artists
    • Simplified, More Hygienic Beauty Routine: All-in-one tool addresses multiple beauty needs -- replacing brushes, sponges & countless products. This good-for-your-skin solution lets nothing touch your face except the makeup & the air – plus, you’ll never have to clean a brush again.

    TEMPTU One features an ultra-lightweight design with a USB charging cord and long-life, rechargeable battery that recharges in 2-4 hours. WALL ADAPTER SOLD SEPARATELY.

    TEMPTU One is compatible with all existing TEMPTU Airpods and Airpod Pro and can only be used with TEMPTU Makeup, sold separately. TEMPTU Airpod Makeup and Airpod Pro is detachable from and interchangeable with TEMPTU One.



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