Oscars 2019 Makeup Looks

Oscars 2019 Makeup Looks

‘Glass Skin’

“Glass skin” is a term used to describe clean, nourished, illuminated skin that almost replicates the appearance of glass. Skin is toned evenly with no visible pores. Glass skin looks very youthful and luminous.

TEMPTU’s Perfect Canvas Airpod Foundation can transform dull skin to glass skin. The water-resistant formula will make skin lustrous while hydrating at the same time. 24 shades are available with various undertones to get the perfect match. The natural ingredients used will reduce the appearance of fine lines and infuse powerful antioxidants to the skin.

Natural Makeup Looks

The red carpet proved to us that less is more. Subtle blush, highlight, and contour provides a natural chic look. The sheen washes of color still adds dimension to the face without appearing too cakey.

Follow these three easy steps to get this look:

  1. Apply the Perfect Canvas Airpod Blush. It comes in various highly-pigmented colors that flushes the face in a beautiful way.
  2. Use the Perfect Canvas Airpod Bronzer and Contour to sculpt the features and create a sun-kissed look.
  3. Lastly, add the Perfect Canvas Airpod Highlighter to enhance your features and to give you a luminous glow.

Dreamy Brows

Eyebrows are known to tie the whole face together. Natural looking brows is a red carpet makeup trend that has been gaining momentum. Natural textured brows that is both full and natural at the same time is a style admired by many celebrities.