ow to Achieve the No Makeup Makeup Look

Tips to Achieve the No Makeup Makeup Look: 5 ways to an au naturel beauty look

The no makeup makeup look, (you know, makeup that looks natural) can be seen on the most popular celebs these days: from models to reality stars, actresses, performers and more (even those Influencers we can’t help but try and emulate). Sure, heavy makeup has its place and time, but we’re talking Beyoncé “I woke up like this” status — and how to achieve that no makeup makeup look.

Not everyone is perfect like Queen Bey — nor do we have a makeup artist to touch up every Instagram snapshot — but, we did poll the pros to get their best advice when it comes to doing makeup that looks so natural, people won’t think you’re wearing any.

Here are five tips and tricks to looking au naturel while still wearing makeup!

Start With Clear Skin

“Impeccable skin prep is key for this look,” says Tanya Deemer, a makeup artist in Torrance, Calif. “Healthy, moisturized skin is a must!” To achieve amazing skin (a.k.a. a smooth canvas) make sure you properly cleanse your skin each day — and don’t forget to remove makeup at night before bed. Hydrating facial masks can also supply more moisture and suppleness to skin.

Prime Your Face

When your skin isn’t going to be wearing much, a primer is a must. Our Base Smooth & Matte Primer is shine free, diffuses imperfections and combats oil. It will help you achieve and maintain a smooth base, minimizing the appearance of pores without clogging them.

Conceal, Don’t Cake

“Correct any blemishes or spots with a color corrector first, and then blend the entire face with an even finish that still allows the skin underneath to show through, but more evenly,” says Tanya. “None of this is applied with a heavy hand, at all. Spot treating first will allow the final makeup to look like there is nothing there!” Our Perfect Canvas One Step Concealer & Color Corrector does this quickly for a natural-looking finish in no time.

Don’t Layer Mascara

You don’t have to wear mascara at all — but if you choose to, go light with the dark black pigment. Instead, opt for a lighter color, like brown, or curl your lashes instead!

Keep Lips Light

A deep red will give away that you’re wearing makeup all at once. Instead, a lighter, more natural shade will seal your no makeup style. Don’t worry, if you want to keep your no makeup makeup a secret, our lips are sealed!

Follow these no five makeup makeup tips to achieve a no makeup makeup look. Even Beyoncé will want to know your secrets!