Makeup Artist Spotlight: Meet Tanya Deemer

Makeup Artist Spotlight: Meet Tanya Deemer

As a licensed celebrity makeup/hair artist, Tanya Deemer’s work can be seen on New York Fashion Week runways, Hollywood red carpets, movies and TV shows, too. With two decades of bridal experience, she’s worked with clients like Instagram, Starbucks, Tinder and more. Tanya also serves as a global educator and artist for TEMPTU.

Tanya isn’t just beautifying others, she offers training opportunities, as well. Because she’s passionate about education, we had to pick her brain about things we couldn’t wait to learn! You can dig deeper and get to know more about her experience by visiting her at her South Bay LA Makeup Artistry institute, or you can read our one-on-one interview below!

How did you begin your career as a makeup artist?

My background was in fashion design and led to doing a few small makeup jobs for brides and a fashion show in school. Then I really threw myself into the beauty industry by attending cosmetology school and opening a salon/spa. That’s when I became very interested in everything the industry has to offer. I feel like my career started by mistake, or by chance, and now I’ve turned it into something really amazing. I change lives everyday with what I do now, and that makes me feel like I took the right path.

Tell us when you started your love affair with TEMPTU?

More than a decade ago, in my hometown, airbrushing was a mystery until a couple of us decided to teach ourselves how to do it. TEMPTU was one of the first products I worked with, and after I did my first face with the S/B (silicone based) formula, I was sold! I’ve been using it ever since.

How would you describe the creative style that separates you from other artists?

I feel like my color correction game is strong, and my ability to achieve a flawless result with much less makeup than others, is what sets me apart.

What are some of your kit essentials and what are your favorite TEMPTU products?

Some of my favorite TEMPTU products include Base Primer & S/B Mixing Medium as it fills in lines as a primer on steroids……It softens the lines in the face and really preps the skin to hold on to the makeup in situations where sweat/rain/humidity/tears may be an issue. Remember, anything you mix with the Mixing Medium becomes more water resistant! Some of my other favorites include the S/B Concealer Wheel, S/B Adjusters and S/B Hi-Def Starter Set.

What are your tips on getting your makeup kit ready for spring makeup/ spring bridal season?

Because spring often means rain, TEMPTU’s water-resistant products are a must in my kit. My bridal kit is always ready to go! I refill all of my small bottles and start off with all of the products in bottles and pods, so I am super efficient the day of the event. Because i work with all ages, I also make sure I have S/B and Perfect Canvas in my kit.

What pro tips do you have for spring brides?

Spring brides should be sure to have a strong skin prep game that removes all of the dry skin from winter. A fresh, new start with heavily exfoliated skin will result in a flawless makeup result. Just be sure to start this routine several weeks prior to the big day. I also feel like spring brides look so fresh after a long winter with an even complexion applied over a pink blush and topped off with a soft glow. Neutral, simple eye with a full lash and no liner.

What tips would you give a makeup artist who is just starting their career?

Dedication and determination to make it in this industry are musts. It has become saturated and only the strong survive. A strong work ethic will get you far. Be open to learning new techniques, like airbrushing. It could be the difference between you getting the job or not. Modern day people want to look flawless in the age of digital editing and social media, so just give them what they want without the hassle of editing their photos. Airbrushing is the only way to do that, since you don’t have to touch the skin at all to apply!